Saturday, August 30, 2008

Created and Commanded to....

Anyone that knows us knows that we have one child that has a passion for politics. At 17 we are teaching her to keep her passion reigned in and to respond with humility. She expects everyone to have the same passion that she does and will become so frustrated and bewildered when people simply do not care. Although I do not think everyone is going to be passionate about politics, I do agree that we all need to be educated, aware and active.

I think people not caring is because they are LAZY! They just sit back to consume and digest whatever is fed to them on the six o'clock news. The liberal media wants us so confused and discouraged that we will say things like, "One vote doesn't make a difference." or "They (politicians) are all crooks." Few people in our country will go through the effort to research for truth. Even fewer people will consider what the Bible has to say about our current issues, because that too takes effort. Or they will apply their own wisdom (reasoning out what THEY THINK) and apply it to situations, forgetting what the Constitution says. Even most confessing Christians do not realize that the Bible speaks to EVERYTHING...even to modern times.

We tried to listen to Obama's speech and couldn't get through it, he really didn't say much. And then to find out that the media is interpreting his speech to be equivalent to J.F. K.'s and Lincoln's speech. Give me a break! Which they were both liberals, so maybe they are right?

Are we SO stupid that we'll follow whoever tickles our ears the most? Are we SO DESPERATE to "be part of history" that we'll vote for a man just because he is black, or we will vote for a woman because she is female? God have mercy on us!

What about the ISSUES? What about governing according to the CONSTITUTION?

The general public has no clue! And personally, I believe that is because we've been educated in the government schools. We just take whatever is fed to us...fill in the blank...the textbook is always right...etc... We do not question, we don't know HOW to search for truth.

Back to my original thought: Olivia just fell in love with Palin yesterday, which her speech was great! We spent the afternoon talking about all of this. Olivia wondered if she was a "Debra" (in the Bible)? Then I pointed out to her that there ARE men willing and capable to lead, the problem is that the voting public is so ignorant in their Biblical principals and just as ignorant in knowing the Constitution that we can't seem to get the truly capable men in office. When I say capable men I mean those that honor God's word AND the Constitution!

Women have such high callings, we CAN rule the world, not just the nation, by rocking the cradle. God created and commanded us to be keepers in our homes. To support our husband as HE leads and sits in the gates. He created and commanded us to love and train our children! Our country is a mess right now in many ways, and I honestly believe it is because we have rejected God's way of doing things, in our homes, in our churches and in our government!

Scripture tells us that, "My people perish for a lack of knowledge." That's it in a nutshell! Let's put the remote control down and pick up our Bibles and read our Constitution!

I appreciate what Jennie has to say and I am pleased with what Olivia has to say!

"As for My people, children are their oppressors,
and women rule over them. O My people!
Those who lead you cause you to err, and destroy the way of your paths."

Isaiah 3:12

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

World's largest sign protests abortion outside DNC

Democrats and convention goers had a scenic view from their hotel rooms in Denver today – complete with the world's largest sign to remind them about the devastating effects of abortion.

Read the rest here: WND

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Domestic Day Camp- Rag Quilts

Today was the last of our summer Domestic Day Camps. This lesson was Rag Quilting. This is the easiest, most forgiving project. It is perfect for beginners.

Here is a tutorial I put up last year about Rag Quilting.

This is the perfect time to get started on Christmas gifts!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

12 Things You Should Not Do to Your Husband

I read this this morning...maybe I should read it every husband would appreciate it! ;o)

  1. DO NOT treat your husband as one of your children. You are not running the household he is. So no matter how busy you think you are or how many tasks you might have to perform at once you should not address your husband in this way: “Honey come here! Do this! Hold that! Grab this! Deal with this or that!”. Now I am all for asking our husbands for help when he is available to give it, but bossing him around is not becoming to a wife. We must conduct ourselves as his help meet and not treat him as if the reverse were true.

  2. DO NOT act as if you are more spiritual than he is. I honestly have a hard time with women who act as if they are the spiritual leaders of their family; as if they are doing all the spiritual reformation in the family while their husbands are busy with other pursuits and just tag along with regard to spiritual matters. We’ve all heard women say things like: ” Well God told me this is the best for our family so I had to take the decision, because my husband is not there yet... I am praying for him though!” Even if it were true that a woman might be more spiritual than her husband, this attitude is a usurpation of the authority that God has given the family. There is never room for this kind of behavior in a Christian home. Honestly, my thoughts are that women who set themselves up as spiritual gurus in the family and brag of being more spiritual or knowledgeable than anyone else have proved themselves to be the contrary.

  3. DO NOT talk over him and in a gathering DO NOT talk more than he does. If he doesn’t talk much than talk even less. It is just not becoming to women to do all the talking as if they speak for the family.

  4. DO NOT complain about him to others. Don’t make him look foolish in front of anyone and don’t talk about his weaknesses to anyone.

  5. DO NOT compare him with other men. You married an individual with different qualities, different style and vision. He is not like anyone else. He is the man that God has given you the task of loving and serving, and you should consider it an honor to be able to carry out that duty. Note to unmarried ladies: Make a list with the qualities a future husband MUST have to avoid your being totally dissatisfied. If it was not that important before you got married don’t nag him or be dissatisfied about it after you get married.

  6. DO NOT nag him continuously about a matter. Did you hear the expression? DRIP! DRIP! DRIP!? I don’t like it when the children come even close to being drips, so I am sure no husband would appreciate it either.

  7. DO NOT make him feel he doesn’t measure up to your expectations. Encourage, don’t criticize and most content!

  8. DO NOT be afraid to bring to his attention sins that he should deal with or concerns that you might have in regard to his conduct. It is a wife’s duty to encourage her husband in his spiritual growth. While it is not the wife’s duty to assume the role of her husbands conscience, she is the closest to him and can encourage him grow in ways that others cannot. Our husbands must trust that we are help meets to them and that we are honest and sober minded in our reproof.

  9. DO NOT always speak your mind. This doesn’t mean we should not have an opinion, but most of the time it is better to hold our tongues rather than “state the facts”. Choose your words carefully in soberness, patience, and love. This does not mean that it is wrong to be open with your husband about your concerns or being honest when he asks our opinion. There is a greater respect and trust that your husband will show toward your opinion when you find this balance.

  10. DO NOT seek out parallel lives with him. Become acquainted with whatever job he does and get involved if possible; even if by just listening to him talk about it. Don’t think about your husband’s pursuits in terms of: HIS career, HIS hobbies, HIS this or HIS that. I hear women say: “well he is busy with his pursuits and I with the children”. Yes we have different roles but we work together towards the same goal: to Glorify God in every area of our lives. You can’t be a proper help meet for your husband if you are not involved in everything he is doing whether you are interested or not.

  11. DO NOT become too busy to listen to him or do things for him. When you start to have lots of children it can become really easy to do this, but remember you are made to be a help meet for him.

  12. DO NOT let your appearance go because you have married him now. Make yourself pretty for him. Yes he loves you no matter what, but you made sure that you showed him that you care enough to look nice for him before you were married, you should care more, not less, after he actually becomes your husband. It is not a matter of keeping his affections, but rather continuing to give him all that we have to offer. 5 minutes a day is all it takes.

I have made my share of mistakes and still do. Many of them are listed above. I am still a work in progress, so please don’t take this to mean that I think I have arrived. I thought listing a few resolutions and observations, may be helpful to someone else.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Domestic Day Camp - Sewing a Skirt

Yesterday, at our Domestic Day Camp, Jane and her sweet daughters taught us how to sew a skirt without a pattern.

It was a pretty large group of moms and daughters, which kept our 'instructors' very busy!

Jane has devised a method of how to use your measurements to make your own pattern.

They showed us how to look at store bought skirts, analyze them and then make them.

Once you get the hang of it, making your own fashionable and modest clothing is a piece of cake! How often do we struggle with finding clothing that fits correctly and is the right color for us?

Just as all of the other skills we have taught this summer during our Domestic Day Camps, they take practice and patience. They take determination to embrace our callings as wives, mothers and keepers of our homes (Titus 2).

It is a matter of learning to be fond of home life and domestic affairs.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Domestic Day Camp - Cutting Hair

Yesterday was our Hair Cutting Class with Jerri Richards (in the blue dress). This is definitely a skill that would add to any family's economy. Not only can you cut your family's hair, but if you are good enough you can cut for other people.

The White Family were more than gracious to donate a 'head' to practice on and a big bag of supplies for EACH family to take home! How wonderful was that???!!!

Jerri is not only a very good friend of ours and a homeschool mom, but she learned cosmetology when she was young from her grandmother who had a beauty school.

Jerri has been cutting my hair for years and right now our plans are that she teach Emma.

She showed us boy hair cuts and girls hair cuts.

Yesterday was a tough class, a bit stressful for those cutting their mom's hair, but it was fun too.

Just like everything else it takes time, practice and patience.

So what skills can you or your children learn that will make your family more efficient and self dependent? Do you know anyone that can teach you these things?

Hop on over to our Teaching Good Things for some good resources!

Think Outside the Classroom- Interview

As I have shared this past week we've come a long way in our homeschooling journey over the past 15 years. What stared out as a frustration God has turned into a strong conviction and a way of life for us! I am so thankful for His mercy and tender leading.

A couple weeks ago I read Kelly Crawford's e-book, Think Outside the Classroom: A Practical Look at Relaxed Homeschooling . In her book she explains so many things that took me YEARS to figure out. I cannot begin to tell you how much time and money I have spent on curriculum over the years, only to start it, become frustrated and put it on the shelf.

I wish I had read something like Kelly's book when I first started teaching my kids at home!!!

I recently interviewed Kelly about the Relaxed Method of homeschooling and her latest book. Grab a cool glass of lemonade, prop your feet up and be refreshed as she shares how she went from high school classroom teacher to a relaxed, homeschool mom!

You can listen in here:

You'll want to check out her other e-books too:

Getting Your Children to Obey

Finding Financial Freedom

Visit her website Generation Cedar.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Southern Heritage Ball

Last night was our Southern Heritage we are all recuperating! ;o)
This is the group, minus two families.

You can go HERE to see some more pictures. Oh what fun!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Gifts for Adoptive Parents???

Does anyone have an idea for a gift for adoptive parents/family? We have two friends that will adding to their already large families very soon and I want to do something special and I'm drawing a blank. :o/

A quilt won't work, they both already have one for their new baby.

Any suggestions?

Food Art Ideas

We are just CRAZY busy here today!!! Tomorrow night is our Southern Heritage Ball. We are working on some last minute touches for our dresses...OK...mine is FAR from being finished...but I just had to treat myself to a blog break! ;o)

We are also taking turns in the kitchen fixing food today for tomorrow. I LOVE to look at and make food sculptures/arrangements.

Here is my Wanda the Watermelon Woman and The Alligator I've made before.

Olivia came across these cool are they!!!!!!!!!!

Moss Pink

Daily Picture

Learning at Home ~ Part 4

My Learning at Home series has been updated today:

Part 4 Lifelong Learners

Part 1 Stepping Out of the Box

Part 2 The Confusion of Socialization

Part 3 Qualified?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Learning at Home ~ Part 3

Today's segment is about why we believe we are "qualified" to teach our children.

Visit our Teaching Good Things Blog.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Learning at Home ~ Part 2

I'm going to keep the Learning at Home series over on my Teaching Good Things blog this week.

Hop on over there and let's talk about the confusion of socialization.

Here is part 1.

We are super busy this week! We are helping host a Southern Heritage Ball this weekend, between sewing dresses and planning a menu...well...which end is up? :o)

Life is good!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Learning at Home ~ Part 1

This week we will be doing a series on homeschooling. Even if you do not 'school' your children at home you'll want to follow along and tap in on ways to make the most of the time when your children are at home with you.

I thought I'd start with our story as briefly as I can.

When Jeff and I were married he had a 3 year old daughter which he had custody of. So I jumped head first into the roll of mom. Her birth mom had very little to do with her and by the time she was 5 her birth mother had completely quit using her visitation rights and nver contacted her. There were constant behavior issues with her at home and at school. If I could go back and relive those early years of our marriage I would so many things differently, not that I regret marrying my husband but the way we parented her would be different. That's a whole different story for another day.

So she was in public school because that was all we knew. It was a CONSTANT struggle as she was in trouble at school all the time...just like at home. We even changed schools when she was in 4th grade.

I knew there were people that homeschooled in our area and I checked a couple books out from the library to read up on the subject. Jeff and I prayerfully considered teaching her at home and half way through her 4th grade year we took her out of the public school.

By this time we had two more children and within 4 years we had another one.

I spent that first semester teaching our daughter and we were both in tears. It was HARD!!! I had MANY, MANY days wondering if we were doing the right thing. The following school year our son would be starting his 'kindergarten' year. I WORRIED myself sick all summer if I was going to be able to teach him to read...after all how in the world do I know HOW to teach reading?

Something you need to know about me: As I grew up I HATED school, and that is putting it mildly. I struggled some when I was younger and my bother was a wiz at everything, thus my brother was labeled the "smart one", and me? Well, I was not so smart. By the time I hit high school I could not care any less and did the very minimum to pass. On graduation day I was placed second at the bottom of my class. I really didn't care! I served my time and was out of there!!!

I am confessing all of that to you just to say not only was I struggling with teaching my kids but I also had the curse of always feeling like I was not smart enough and just flat out not able. Family members had lots of raised eyebrows. :o/

Jeff was so encouraging, so supportive. He wanted what was best for his children and our family. He NEVER, EVER doubted me. In fact when I went into my worrying mode he always reminded it was because I knew I was weak that God would prove Himself strong and faithful.

Here we are, over 15 years later...still learning at home. I have NEVER regretted our choice. There are things I wish I had known when we first started, but I also feel like it was all part of the journey to get us where we are.

Our motives when we started home schooling are not our reasons we continue. Our convictions are so strong, but for different reasons. God has brought us so far and it is TOTALLY by His grace and glory, for which I am so thankful! This week I will share some of my favorite resources and more about the things I wish I had known 15 years ago! :o)

You won't want to miss Friday's installment of this series, I will have a special interview with a mom who was a public high school teacher and is now a homeschool mom with 7 beautiful children. I think you will be amazed at what she has to say. I admire her vision for education and life!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Grandma Brodock's Sweet Pepper Relish

This was Jeff's grandmother's recipe:

You will need:
onions, bells peppers, salt, sugar, vinegar, water

12 onions

12 Red Peppers

12 Green Peppers

They could be all one color, the combination just makes it pretty!

Wash the peppers and peel the onions.

Chop the peppers up in a blender or food processor...or by hand.

If you use a blender add some water so the pieces will chop freely. Do NOT over chop, you just want them in small pieces, not into mush.

Drain the excess water off after chopping.

Put the peppers in a large saucepan.

Do the same with the onions...this is tough on the eyes...

Although, once I got through the initial cry, the onions didn't bother me. :o)

Chop and drain.

Add the onions to the peppers and mix well.

Pour enough boiling water to cover the mixture.

Let it stand for about 5 minutes.

Do not drain the water off.

Add 2 cups of vinegar...

2 cups sugar...

3 tablespoons of salt.

Mix well, bring to a boil for 5 minutes.

Pour into canning jars and process in a hot bath for 5 minutes.

Be sure to keep one jar out to eat this week! :o)

This is WONDERFUL with any kind of meat.

Friday, August 1, 2008

A few of my favorite sites

We're pretty busy here, so I thought I'd share a few of my favorite blogs/websites:

Heart of a Southerner....because it is my daughter's politically incorrect view on culture and politics.

Money Saving Mom........because this saves me TONS of time!

Dave Ramsey...................because he teaches me things about money I did not learn when I was young! It's not too late!

Generation Cedar....................because we are at war with our culture!

The Sparrow's Nest................because I love pleasant, beautiful things!

Seeds to Sew............................because I love real, down to earth people who love down to earth things!

To the Last Ditch....................because he is one smart young man. Be prepared to sit and read awhile, but very much worth it!

Sew Mama Sew......................because they are the best of the best of sewing how-to and blogging!

Just a Family.........................because we all need to be aware of adoption!

Sermon Audio........................because of it's great sermons!

Desiring God..........................because of John Piper's passion for Christ.

Generations............................because I love conservative talk radio!

Steve Wilkins..........................because I love his sermons!

American Vision....................because they stay on top of things of importance!

WND.......................................because the other news stations ignore these stories!

My Simple Gifts.
.....................because they are a precious family!

OK...OK... that turned into more than a few. :o)

Have a wonderful weekend!


I've always been a little puzzled why people would believe evolution over creation. It takes a lot more 'faith' to believe we happened by accident than God Almighty creating us with a purpose.

Today while listening to THIS radio show it made sense.

When one believes in evolution it FREES them from God, from responsibility.


Take time to listen to this broadcast:

Generations with Vision