Thursday, August 14, 2008

Gifts for Adoptive Parents???

Does anyone have an idea for a gift for adoptive parents/family? We have two friends that will adding to their already large families very soon and I want to do something special and I'm drawing a blank. :o/

A quilt won't work, they both already have one for their new baby.

Any suggestions?


B said...

There's a book that's called: "Just In Case You Ever Wonder" by Max Lucado that someone had given my brother and his wife when he adopted his kids, they really liked it. ~B

Tracy said...

the very best gift we got was HELP and MEALS! New children, whether you have birthed them or not, are tiring. :) Another really lovely thing was a scrapbook, variety of appropriate papers etc, to do a life book for the new family member. I'm curious to hear what others say too.

Heather said...

As an adoptive momma, I would say (I hope this is not tacky)a donation to help pay for their adoption. It was a wonderful blessing to our family when we had friends give financial gifts toward the cost of our adoption.

I also agree that meals are a wonderful gift! Some think just because you didn't go through 9 months of pregnancy and then labor, you do need need the physical help! :o(

I am sure that whatever you end up giving will be a blessing to your friends!


Julie said...

For me just acknowledging that my adopted children were as important and special as other people's birth children was a big deal.
No one brought us meals when we brought our baby (to be adopted) home from the hospital. It made me a little sad because I'd always been involved in bringing new meals to new moms. As the above commentor mentioned it's still appreciated because we also go through a period of adjustment. :)
Maybe offer to help them get a new family portrait with their new baby. That would be nice.

mary said...

Maybe a newspaper from the day they were born (adoption day). I received one that was framed, I thought it was such a neat idea for her to be able to look back on and see what was happening that day.