Monday, August 18, 2008

Think Outside the Classroom- Interview

As I have shared this past week we've come a long way in our homeschooling journey over the past 15 years. What stared out as a frustration God has turned into a strong conviction and a way of life for us! I am so thankful for His mercy and tender leading.

A couple weeks ago I read Kelly Crawford's e-book, Think Outside the Classroom: A Practical Look at Relaxed Homeschooling . In her book she explains so many things that took me YEARS to figure out. I cannot begin to tell you how much time and money I have spent on curriculum over the years, only to start it, become frustrated and put it on the shelf.

I wish I had read something like Kelly's book when I first started teaching my kids at home!!!

I recently interviewed Kelly about the Relaxed Method of homeschooling and her latest book. Grab a cool glass of lemonade, prop your feet up and be refreshed as she shares how she went from high school classroom teacher to a relaxed, homeschool mom!

You can listen in here:

You'll want to check out her other e-books too:

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Visit her website Generation Cedar.

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