Sunday, September 3, 2006

Food Art:Alligator

I made this for Joshua's Graduation Party.
Cut 2 pineapples longwise. Place them in a row.
The tail and mouth ends need to be cut a little more at a slant to taper downward.

Using a long knife cut a slit for the mouth.
Use a radish and red grapes for the eyes held on with toothpicks.
You could also use berries or raisins for the eyes.

This a a small butternut squash from our garden.
A small piece of radish and dried cranberry for the eye.

Place fish in mouth, make sure the tail is hanging out.

Use 2 kiwi for the feet, cut 2 'v's, to look like claws.
Emma made the fruit kabobs.

This was SOOO much fun to make!
I found the idea HERE!
Here is a watermelon carving I did for the girls piano recital a couple of years ago.

This was fun. I just carved the music notes out with a knife, then filled it with fruit when arrived at the recital.

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amber whitehead said...

I just made one thanks for the idea and tutorial think it will be a hit at my daughters graduation party tomorrow.