Saturday, August 30, 2008

Created and Commanded to....

Anyone that knows us knows that we have one child that has a passion for politics. At 17 we are teaching her to keep her passion reigned in and to respond with humility. She expects everyone to have the same passion that she does and will become so frustrated and bewildered when people simply do not care. Although I do not think everyone is going to be passionate about politics, I do agree that we all need to be educated, aware and active.

I think people not caring is because they are LAZY! They just sit back to consume and digest whatever is fed to them on the six o'clock news. The liberal media wants us so confused and discouraged that we will say things like, "One vote doesn't make a difference." or "They (politicians) are all crooks." Few people in our country will go through the effort to research for truth. Even fewer people will consider what the Bible has to say about our current issues, because that too takes effort. Or they will apply their own wisdom (reasoning out what THEY THINK) and apply it to situations, forgetting what the Constitution says. Even most confessing Christians do not realize that the Bible speaks to EVERYTHING...even to modern times.

We tried to listen to Obama's speech and couldn't get through it, he really didn't say much. And then to find out that the media is interpreting his speech to be equivalent to J.F. K.'s and Lincoln's speech. Give me a break! Which they were both liberals, so maybe they are right?

Are we SO stupid that we'll follow whoever tickles our ears the most? Are we SO DESPERATE to "be part of history" that we'll vote for a man just because he is black, or we will vote for a woman because she is female? God have mercy on us!

What about the ISSUES? What about governing according to the CONSTITUTION?

The general public has no clue! And personally, I believe that is because we've been educated in the government schools. We just take whatever is fed to us...fill in the blank...the textbook is always right...etc... We do not question, we don't know HOW to search for truth.

Back to my original thought: Olivia just fell in love with Palin yesterday, which her speech was great! We spent the afternoon talking about all of this. Olivia wondered if she was a "Debra" (in the Bible)? Then I pointed out to her that there ARE men willing and capable to lead, the problem is that the voting public is so ignorant in their Biblical principals and just as ignorant in knowing the Constitution that we can't seem to get the truly capable men in office. When I say capable men I mean those that honor God's word AND the Constitution!

Women have such high callings, we CAN rule the world, not just the nation, by rocking the cradle. God created and commanded us to be keepers in our homes. To support our husband as HE leads and sits in the gates. He created and commanded us to love and train our children! Our country is a mess right now in many ways, and I honestly believe it is because we have rejected God's way of doing things, in our homes, in our churches and in our government!

Scripture tells us that, "My people perish for a lack of knowledge." That's it in a nutshell! Let's put the remote control down and pick up our Bibles and read our Constitution!

I appreciate what Jennie has to say and I am pleased with what Olivia has to say!

"As for My people, children are their oppressors,
and women rule over them. O My people!
Those who lead you cause you to err, and destroy the way of your paths."

Isaiah 3:12

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Anonymous said...

I loved this post. It's good that you directed and guided your daughter to God's Word rather than our human feelings and desires.

I am linking to you in a post!