Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Olivia and the Reporter

As Olivia and the girls were walking to the Art museum today in one of the coldest snaps for the south, a reporter stopped her to interview her.

Reporter: What do you think of all this cold weather?

Olivia (with a hint of sarcasm): Well, frankly, I am quite disappointed! Al Gore said we were supposed to be having Global Warming!

Reporter: No, I mean how do you think people in the south handle the cold?

Olivia (in her usual joyful tone): Well, all they need is a cup of hot tea and they'll be OK!

The reporter then decides it is too cold to mess with this girl! ;o) LOL Wonder why her comments didn't make the news broadcast?

The 12 year old with Olivia asked her about the nude statue of a fat woman, "Is that Buddha?"

Olivia responds, "No that's NUddha!"

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