Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How to Add Sacred Hymns to Your Day - For Free!

I have to admit, I love technology! I'm not near as savvy as I wish I was, but I just love all the gadgets and ways to communicate and learn.

We all know how easy it is to learn songs just by listening to the radio or CDs, so I realized that we can learn the sacred hymns by using Playlist (or your favorite version of this program).

The words of sacred hymns are SO DEEP and really make you think! I would love to get to where I know all the words to our most used hymns without using a hymnal.

On my playlist I am adding hymns we sing in church. I am searching for ones that have the words sung clearly, not necessarily a lot of background music. The hymn play list could also be used during your family worship time, this is especially good if you don't have anyway to play an instrument or if you are just learning the hymns.

To use Playlist you do not have to have a blog/website. You can simply make the list and and go to their site to listen. OR, you could do this same thing with Itunes by creating a play list of songs you bought. The good thing about Playlist is that it is free, and you can jump to the song you want. :o)

On my sidebar, under the songs about HOME, I've started my list of sacred hymns to learn. To create your own playlist just click on the button in my Playlist box in the sidebar. You can also go to Hymn Lyrics to print out the words.

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