Friday, May 9, 2008

Mother's Day Dilemma

OK, am I the only one that struggles with, 'What to give Mom for Mother's Day'? Or any holiday/event as far as that goes. What's even harder is, 'What to give Grandma!' By this stage in life they have everything they need and pretty much want. I am always at a loss. I like to give meaningful gifts but I'm running out of original ideas.

While I wandered around Wal Mart feeling pretty depressed about the whole situation, I noticed that they offer a 4x6 hardcover photo book that is made in MINUTES! I took the pictures from last weekend of the girls in their Southern Belle outfits that I had edited at home (to make them look better! lol), I already had them on my flash drive and had them made into a 10 page book. You can even add text and edit the pictures more while you are there.

These are perfect! I mailed one to the grandmas out of state, and have one here waiting for my mother in a basket of sugar free candy (she just found out her glucose levels are high), and I'll have the girls write her a special letter of appreciation.

They were less than $8 a piece! Frugal and meaningful!

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1 comment:

Dana said...

You have a great idea there! I've seen those books advertised, but haven't seen one in person. I'm glad to hear that they are nice.

I usually have the girls make something for grandparents, but it just hasn't gotten done this year. We'll probably be scrambling to get something done tonight--something I can do for next-to-nothing from home.