Thursday, May 8, 2008


God created boys with special hormones so that they will be able to carry out their dominion mandate to subdue. They have naturally inquiring minds that leave mothers baffled at times. Most boys want to know how things work, they want to solve problems and explore the world around them. Parents need to be careful to balance time in the school books with time to physically work. Boys need to sweat and feel like they have accomplished something every day. This is important for their growth and self respect.

I don't think that there has been a mother that hasn't shaken her head in confusion and amazement at the way boys think. When boys are home under mom's wing all day and not able to use their God given design to work and solve problems, both mom and son can become frustrated.

As sons get older some (most) have a hard time receiving instruction from 'a woman', even if that woman is Mom. As much as possible have Dad give him his instructions for the day or week that he expects to be accomplished. Of course Dad's first instruction for his son is to obey and respect mother! It's not so much about what the task is, as it is who it is coming from.

Ways to help sons develop their abilities:

* Have Dad make a list of 'Guy Jobs', more than just taking out the garbage. :o) Look around your house and yard, are there things your son(s) can be doing after the school work is done?

* Give him projects that will help him develop his ability to solve problems.

Does the garage need cleaning and organizing?
Can rocks be lifted for a new flower bed?
Can he have a garden that is his responsibility?
Do the bicycles need maintenance, tires pumped?
Are there squeaky hinges that need WD-40?
Can he build a fort?
Buy a fun type of science book with easy experiments.
Tell him he has to do one experiment a week.
Complicated paper airplane books are great!

* Get the grandfathers involved; do they have any suggestions of things he could be doing?

* Are there other men in the church or community who could help mentor him one day a week or one day a month?

* Have him find his own ministry project that he can focus on. Every community has people in need.

The point is to keep his hands and mind busy! Help him avoid the bad habit of laziness. Boys are much more capable than we give them credit for.

A couple of weeks ago we came across this GREAT program. It is
3D Shed and Shop Designer You can use it FREE for 2 weeks. It is only $30 if you choose to buy it. It's a great way for boys to learn a little about building and design.

We have some really cool sites listed under Manly Skills on our website. Your sons can learn all kinds of things about tools and cars. There are a couple of great interactive sites showing how a car is put together and runs. Again, THIS is how a boy's mind works.

Turn them loose and let them use their minds and endless energy the way God designed them!

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