Saturday, May 10, 2008

Garden Tea

Olivia and Emma hosted a Garden Tea to promote Olivia's bath products that she is making.
She is using a Southern Belle theme (big surprise...right?), so Belles and Teas just go together.

She dressed for the occasion to present her products.

She and Emma worked all week in the yard, and then they labored all day on the food.

I made some cloth napkins, and then just stayed out of their way.
Not that I didn't want to help, but this is something 'they' wanted to pull off.
And they did a GREAT job.

Although at a Tea you should serve hot tea, it was a bit warm and humid today so
they served Lemonade and Iced Tea,
after all we do live in the south! ;o)

Sandwiches cut with a heart cookie cutter and garnished with roses from our neighbor's yard.

Crackers and dip served in small clay pots.
The pots are lined with plastic wrap.

Mini cupcakes, with Cream Cheese Icing,
garnished with wild flowers and a small piece of chocolate bar.

Cucumber wedges with cream cheese and dill.

Strawberries and whipped cream, garnished with a small mint leaf.

Small cake with raspberry filling and Cream Cheese Icing,
surrounded with pralines.

Here are some carrot and celery sticks in the small flower pots, along with the dip.
Also pictured: fruit platters, mints and chocolate covered pretzels.


Dana said...

It all looks so yummy!

What is the tomato with the herbs? What's underneath the tomato? We love tomatoes around here so we're always looking for new ways to have them.

Is Olivia opening a website for her products?


Shelley Jo said...

Kathy, please tell your girls they did a LOVELY job! So, so pretty.

Kathy, Jeff's Wife said...

Dana, I'll have to get Olivia to tell you, but they sure were good!

Shelly Jo,
Thanks, I'll pass your comments along!

Kathy :o)

Kristina said...

WOW!!! I just love your blog! That tea presentation was wonderful! I just want to jump through the screen and have a seat! :-)

Sharon said...

What a LOVELY, LOVELY table! I gathered so many wonderful ideas for putting together a pretty, grace-filled gathering. Thanks for sharing!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Your daughters are wonderfully talented...and they're making me hungry!:o)

Word Warrior said...

This is beautiful Kathy! It hurts my heart that we missed it.