Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Peace in the Midst of Pain

Yesterday some of our closest friends lost their baby. It was a heartbreaking day. About a year and a half ago this same mother had a tubal pregnancy and almost died. Yesterday's loss was also very hard on her body, not to mention her breaking heart.

As I sat by her bedside I was so incredibly blessed and encouraged by her holy attitude! Although she wanted this baby so very much and spent the majority of the last 18 weeks in bed extremely sick, she still rejoiced in God's blessings on her.

God allows so many hard things to come into our lives and we just can't understand why. They rip at the very core of our being, but no matter what we MUST trust God.

I am reading the book What I learned in the Dark. It is the autobiography of a Jennifer Rothschild. She went blind at 14. Her wisdom that she shares in this book is so moving. Yesterday as I sat in the waiting room I read the following about receiving God's gifts with thanks, which was very fitting for the day:

"The only difference between becoming bitter and becoming better is the letter I. Approaching our difficulties from the standpoint of what I want, what I have lost,or what I think is fair will embitter us. Bitter eyes can perceive only the injustice and the sorrow in the situation. Grateful eyes however, will always see the grace of God, regardless of how difficult our circumstances might be. Grateful eyes allow us to see "the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living" (Psalm 27:13)."


THIS is what I saw in my friend yesterday.

I saw it again this morning when I awoke to my sweet daughter's blog post:
Heart of Hannah

Olivia was joined at my hip while we waited to see what we could do for this family. I loved it! Soon she will be busy with her own family and I'll miss her greatly. I woke up this morning and read her blog post she did last night after I went to bed. It brought a tear to my eye! I love that most of the things she listed were people, not things. May we all take time to see God's goodness even in the midst of heart ache.

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