Monday, March 24, 2008

Public Speaking

About 2 weeks ago the girls took part in our county 4-H Public Speaking competition. Unfortunately they were the only ones in their division. Olivia did Senior Persuasive (read it here) and Emma Junior Persuasive. The other two boys (dear friends of ours) presented Informative speeches. Even though there was not any competition they were still judged and the judges took time after the awards to encourage them and tell them how to improve.

Olivia LOVES Public Speaking, Emma doesn't! lol... But I have to say Emma has improved so much and she kind of liked doing it this time. This is such an important skill for children to learn. None of us know when we may HAVE to stand before a crowd and communicate effectively. The only way to learn how to handle the nerves is to practice it, over and over and over again! Even though Olivia loves it, she still turns bright red and her face starts to swell. :o) lol... But she too is getting better. When Josh would have to give oral presentations he would literately drip sweat!

For some, public speaking comes easily, for others, they have to really work at it. No matter what, being able to communicate clearly to large (or small) numbers, even under pressure is important!

Both of the girls and the Huie boys will go on to Regional Public Speaking in May. :o)

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Dana said...

Congrats to all the winners!

I remember doing this when I was in 4-H...way back when we wrote our notes on stone tablets with a chisel. :-s