Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Guilty of a Hate Crime?

A pet peeve of mine is when people have the attitude that politics does not matter, that one vote does not make a difference. It is this attitude that has gotten us in the situation we are in in this country. We are more concerned about the almighty dollar bill than we are about protecting life. God help us.

Infanticide means to kill babies. HERE is an article that tells where Obama stands on this issue. How can ANYONE vote for someone that not only wants abortion to continue to be legal, but even worse, kill those babies that have been delivered ALIVE after a botched abortion? THAT is what Obama and Clinton are in favor of. Part of the Democratic platform is Pro-choice, which really means PRO DEATH to babies. Who gives those babies a choice?

How can anyone vote for a candidate that is pro-death? Now that all the Pro-Life candidates are gone I am just sick about it! Do we really think God will overlook this hate crime?

Why am I so serious about elections and voting? Because people's lives depend on it and one day I, and everyone else, will have to answer for what we did about it. Can *I* make a difference? I hope so, somewhere along the line. I hope I can influence others... that will influence others... and so on. Part of my prayer (and life purpose) is that my children and grandchildren will grow up and make a POWERFUL impact on our culture for Christ and for what is right. Protecting life is an important enough issue to fight for!


Rebecca said...

I have always thought I should make a bunch of bumper stickers and pass them out saying:

A Woman's Choice: Murder or Motherhood

Kathy, Jeff's Wife said...

THAT is excellent! Sounds like a good blog title too. :o) Thanks for commenting.