Monday, March 3, 2008

All Work and No Play

...makes for a pretty dull life!

I have been so busy with our DVD project, which stretches my brain to it's limits when it comes to computer techie stuff, that I have done nothing fun.

Every once in a while I just need to stop the "must do" work and do something I enjoy.

I started this project a few weeks ago and today I finished them. I made SIX sets of quilted bibs and burp cloths. I will post a tutorial later this week. This really is an easy and frugal gift idea.

OK... I feel better now...back to work.


MikeandCharlsie said...

Those are beautiful!!!

Dana said...

Really cute!

I was going to start on some bibs and burpies later this week for my sister's baby (due in May). I think I'll just wait for your tutorial before I begin!