Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bib/Burpie Tutorial

At our church we LOVE families and we LOVE BABIES! Babies are viewed as blessings, not burdens. So very rarely do we have times with no new babies being born, Praise the Lord!

I wish I could make a quilt or crochet a blanket for every baby born at our church and circle of friends, but that is impossible.

But I did come up with this idea! If you set aside an afternoon you could make several of these to have on hand for baby gifts.

You can buy terry cloth ($5-$7 a yard), or you can go to the thrift store and buy a bathrobe. I found this high quality robe that looked like new for less than $3. I was able to make seven sets of bibs and burpies out of one robe. All the fabric was what I had on hand. :o)

I used a bib that I already had,
to draw out a pattern on a piece of card stock.

Fold your fabric only wide enough for the pattern,
which is folded in half.
Place the fold of the pattern on the fold of the fabric.

After cutting your robe to get as much as you can from it;
repeat the above with the terrycloth (robe).

Cut a piece of ribbon about 8-10" long;
curl up one end and place it on the bib,
right side of fabric facing up.

Carefully place the smoother side of the terrycloth to the right side of the fabric;
pin the curled part of the ribbons and both layers together.
Starting at the bottom of the bib, sew around using about 1/4-1/2" seam allowance.
Be careful not to sew the curled part of the ribbon in your seam,
but do sew in the part of the ribbon that is hanging out.
Leave about 2" for an opening at the bottom.

Trim close to the seam.

Remove pins and turn right side out.
It may help to press the opening raw edges in.
Hand stitch together with a blind stitch.

Do the same thing with a rectangle piece of fabric and terrycloth.
The size can vary, you just want it big enough to go over a shoulder.
Trim corners before you turn right side out.

I used a stippling stitch to quilt them together.
You could even add batting if you wanted to make them thicker.
Have fun with it!

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Vanessa said...

They look very nice! Good idea on recycling the bath robe.