Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Easy, Inexpensive Place Cards

The purpose of hospitality is to make your guest feel welcome. They will notice a warm smile and a cheerful attitude alot more than they will notice how the food tasted or if the house is spotless. True hospitality is from the heart, because the greatest gift you can give anyone is your time and attention.

Here are a few ideas for Christmas place cards that only take a few minutes and they'd be a great project for the kids to make, because hospitality is a family event!

All of these would be great items for the guest to take home.

Glass Christmas balls, a metallic marker, ribbon and a piece of greenery.
Other options would be a small craft pearls on a string, raffia, velvet ribbon...

Goblet and a permanent marker.
It washes off with hot soapy water.
Not only will they know where to sit, but as the day/evening goes on,
they'll know which glass is their's.

Silk poinsettias and a permanent marker.
Write name on one petal.

Ribbon with wire sides, pipe cleaner, a small Christmas ball and hot glue.
Fold and twist two pieces of ribbon, glue in the back.
The wire makes it easy to form.
Glue the head on.

Place the name card in the arms (pipe cleaner).

Use an evergreen leaf, a silver or gold metallic marker, some ribbon or raffia.

Pine cone with raffia tied to the bottom and the name card slid in the top.
Or you can lay it on it's side and do the same.

Two candy canes tacked together with low temp glue gun.
Add ribbon of your choice and tack on the name card.
This is perfect for the kids table.

Wood slices with wholes for a ribbon to also be used for a wall hanging.
These can say Welcome, Merry Christmas, Christmas 2007 or a name.

Wood slices propped up on a glass.

Try to have extras made up in case you have surprise guest.
If you are not sure who is coming, just write Christmas 2007 or Merry Christmas.
Use your imagination.


Dana said...

Very nice ideas! Do you cut your own wood slices or is there a place you can buy them?


Kathy, Jeff's wife said...

Jeff cuts them. :o)

Anonymous said...

One of my favorites is the glass. Everyone is always trying to strategically sit their glass somewhere so that they'll know it's theirs! This idea would completely avoid the guesswork! Great projects! Thanks for sharing them! :o)

Simply Stork said...

neat ideas...thanks for sharing :o)

(and thanks for poppin' in )

~simply stork~