Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Entertainment and Education!

Where we live we don't get good reception of anything, only a few radio stations come in clearly and we get about 2 1/2 stations on TV. But you can find just about anything you want online! :o)
Some of our favorite things to listen to are:

The Dave Ramsey Show (Financial Peace University)

Moody Radio South (This has alot of great Bible teaching along with good music)

American Vision Radio (Current Events...excellent food for thought!)

Dixie Broadcasting (Southern music and history)

Quilters TV (I like to let these load and then watch them while I am doing something else)
There are other quilting shows but this is my favorite right now. ;o)

Just like anything else in life, the internet is full of wickedness, but it can also be a wonderful resource of entertainment and education!

Do you have any recommendations?


Anonymous said...

We are in a "dead" spot. Nothing but Conway Twitty, Snoop Dog, or bluegrass. Sigh.

Taylor said...

Mrs. Brodock,
Have you ever tried listing to
They have WONDERFUL, peaceful Christian music....
We listen to it everyday while cleaning.

-Taylor :o)

Kathy, Jeff's wife said...


What's wrong with Conway Twitty?



I think I have tuned into that station before, I'll have to add it to my list.

Niki said...

Our local radio stations have xmas music online LOL. maybe your does too? if not, google 99.9 kez or 98.7 the peak LOL. they both have music online. as far as listening to a tv show online, i've never done it.

Anonymous said...

Not one thing! ;o)