Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wooden Cards/Wall Hangings

Dana asked where to get the wood slices I showed yesterday. The answer is Jeff cuts them.

We made a BUNCH of these last year and sold them. We made wall hangings and gift tags from them. I thought they were pretty cool and next to no money in them! Some simply said Merry Christmas or Welcome, others had all the names of the family members. If you use a brown marker it makes it look as if it were wood burned. Glue some fake evergreens and holly berries and it dresses them up nicely.

We gave wall hangings to all our friends and extended family members last year.
It was a nice personalized gift and inexpensive!


Dana said...

I love the long string of them with the evergreens! So creative!

It's nice that Jeff helps you out with your endeavors.


Kathy, Jeff's wife said...

I know, he's wonderful! Today he even helped me cut some quilt blocks out, I am so behind on 2 quilt orders and his work is slow, so he came in here to help me. He's my Prince Charming!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! I hope Jeff gets an extra goodie in his Christmas stocking! :o)

~Babychaser~ said...

What is the wood from? I love this idea and I must know! I am thinking this will be everyone's Christmas gift next year!

Kathy, Jeff's wife said...

It is Poplar limbs. Drill your wholes with a 3/16" bit. I put them in the oven on a very low temp (125 maybe?) for an hour or so to help them dry out before you write on them.