Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Even Sweeter...

If Sixteen in Sweet...then all I have to say is Seventeen is even SWEETER!

Today my little girl turns 17! There is no job harder than parenting, and at the same time there is no job that brings sweeter reward on this side of heaven!

Olivia is not only my daughter, but she is becoming more my friend that I can confide in and she sometimes surprises me with her Biblical wisdom and application to situations.

Please help us pray that she will keep her heart pure for the Lord, and that she will patiently wait for the husband God has selected for her. That one day God will abundantly bless her womb and that she will raise many, faithful warriors for Christ. But if the Almighty does not plan to give her an earthly husband that she will have a spirit of contentment and purpose as she gives herself totally to the Lord's work.

You can scoot on over to HER BLOG and leave her a happy birthday greeting if you'd like. This morning she and her favorite man (DAD) are out for a birthday breakfast. :o)

I am blessed!


Campbell's Hope said...

happy birthday...

love,The whites

Lisa said...

Hope she had the happiest of birthdays! :o)