Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Ladies Finishing School

Thanks to Tammy, I found this online Ladies Finishing School.
It is a 12 week course.

The beginning of it can be found here:
A Merry Rose

The first week's lessons are here:
Charming the Birds From the Tress

Topics will be:

* How to live elegantly on a budget
* Embroidery or some other type of lovely handwork
* Sewing an apron or a nightgown
* Etiquette, modern and traditional: including cell phone and email etiquette
* Teaching children about manners
* French culture and elementary French language
* How to prepare a simple and relatively inexpensive French meal
* Interior Decorating
* Flower Arranging, Centerpieces for tables,
* The art of Gift Giving, How to make birthdays and other occasions special
* The Lady's appointment book/calendar/household management book
* Art Appreciation
* Music Appreciation
* Personal presentation: poise, grooming, posture, skincare, etc.
* What to wear on what occasion
* How to be an interesting conversationalist; how to help guests enjoy talking to each other, etc.
* How to set a table for a casual lunch, a casual dinner, a more formal dinner, a tea, a buffet supper, etc.
* How to choose clothing and how to maintain clothing and shoes; the lady's closet, the lady's boudoir
* Encouraging our husbands in their work, being a life mate

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