Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Love and Faithfulness of a Woman

A couple of weeks ago I watched the dedication of the Billy Graham Library on TV. Being the parent of a prodigal it brought comfort to me to watch Franklin Graham. I was reminded of how this son went astray and how God brought him home and now he lives a life of service for the Lord. Sometimes us weary moms just need a reminder that 'this too shall pass'.

I was brought to tears as I listened to Rev. Graham speak with a frail voice of his wife and his love for her. He told how she had been bedridden for 6 months and how he goes into talk with her several times a day. What he said was brief, but it was full of love and dedication for his Lord and for his wife.

That caused me to think about Ruth more. How she lived a long and faithful life, faithful to God and her husband. She no doubt had suffered her own struggles and endured them with grace that only God gives. She has walked though the valley of a Rebel Son and God was faithful.

When she died last week I was so overwhelmed with doubts of my own faithfulness. When my life ends will it be a life of perseverance? Seeking to be a God pleaser? There is a beautiful video clip, pictures and comments from family here:

What a beautiful woman, she simply glowed with glory. She found her service to the Lord, her purpose, in being Billy's helpmeet. She cared for all 5 children when he was gone for months at a time. Isn't a glorious thing to have earthly examples of Godly women that embraced their calling as a woman. Her fulfillment was in Christ as she stood by her husband, was a keeper of their home, and a mother to more than their five children. Could Rev. Graham been able to do all that he has done without such a strong, humble woman at his side? I believe her crown in glory will be just as magnificent as his.

The greatest love on this earth is the love
an old man has for his old woman.

~Paul Harvey

I dare not say that my life is near as holy as Ruth Graham, nor Jeff's as Billy Grams, but when I look at all those photos of them together, I see the same love Jeff and I share. I hope the Lord will give us 64 years together.

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