Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Why Should You Care?

Olivia and Emma have been taking a 4-H Leadership class this school year. Last night was the last night and the students had to give a speech.

Olivia (16) is passionate about several things, with politics being close to the top of her list. She would make an outstanding wife of a Statesman...well, if she could control herself when her buttons get pushed! For example, don't utter the words, "gun control" or "taxes" around her unless you have a couple of hours to 'discuss' it!

Here is her blog:

Heart of Hannah

Here is her speech she gave (click on the arrow, and let it load all the way before you watch it):
I'm still learning how to use YouTube, so this might take you to their site which I am not too crazy about...sorry.


Anonymous said...

You go girl! I loved it. I love her passion too. She is a really good speaker. I get up in front of a crowd and try not to cry. (its really sad) Keep up the good work Olivia!

Tina Kay

Kathy T said...

Can I adopt her???!! :D