Sunday, April 15, 2007

Crocheted Blue Baby Blanket

Proverbs 31:13
She looks for wool and flax
And works with her hands in delight.

I really like this version (NASV) of this verse, because it doesn't just state that the virtuous woman works willingly, but that she works with DELIGHT. I really do delight in making things... anything! I encourage my girls to always have some sort of project going. Sadly, Olivia is a bit like me, she has about 15 projects started, but has a hard time getting them finished! lol Emma does not start near as many projects, but she is really good about putting her mind to something and finishing it!

Here is a baby blanket I finished while we watched a movie this afternoon. Hmmmm...wonder what I should start next? ;o)

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Glenys Hicks said...

kathy, that baby blanket is beautiful. I just finished crocheting a white baby shawl for my daughter's baby which is due in 5th June. That will be grandbaby number 11 and number 12 (my son's baby) is due 11th July. Unfortunately, I developed carpal tunnel syndrome and can't complete the shawl I started and I am quite sad about that. Nothing makes a newborn look loved like a hand made blanket or jacket.

I delight in making things too.

Blessings and love,