Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The latest with us...

We found out about a neat store in Blountsville where we can rent a spot and sell some of our goods. There are several other places like this, but their rental spots are kind of pricey, where this one is pretty reasonable.

Last week we took over a couple of antique type of things, and some quilts and some other hand made items. Olivia took some old books.

Today Olivia and I took a few more things over there and in the five days that we've had our stuff there we've made $28. I know that is not a lot, but it is something and it keeps us busy and looking for what does sell.

This is a baby receiving blanket I finished out with a crochet trim.

Here is another receiving blanket I cut out, sewed in a hem and used some fun fur to trim it.

This is a baby quilt I started last year and finally finished it up this week.

After a visit to our family doctor I found out that I managed to strain the muscles in my shoulder and neck, so my sewing and computer time is done in short segments. :o( He also did an EKG due to some chest and arm pains and he thinks it is stomach problems. He asked if I have been under any unusual stress..I couldn't help but to laugh at that one! So I am trying some medicine. What don't understand is that I really am not a worrier. I will say that being self-employed (hubby) is a whole new world. I have also been working on our DVDs and I think that is the hardest thing I've ever done...and we're still not done. This too shall pass. :o)
Jeff after tearing out a bathroom floor and adding support to the floors on a job he is working. No wonder he goes to bed early. ;o)
He is my hero!

Joshua has moved back home and is reconsidering his electrical apprenticeship. He is not sure that he wants to do that. That is what I love about apprenticeship, you see first hand what you are getting yourself into. So right now he is working with Jeff some and another part-time job.

Olivia with the laundry. :o)

Olivia is busy planning her garden, and now wants to build some cold frames to get her seeds started early.

Emma is Emma...making us all laugh. She has been giving crochet another try. I know she'll get it one day. I just wait until she is in the mood then try to work with her.

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