Monday, January 22, 2007


Several years ago I read Hudson Taylor to our children and I thought it was time to read it again. Mr. Taylor knew what he was suppose to do with his life and he kept his eye on his goal, regardless of his circumstances. I like this passage from the first chapter:

"Hudson truly did not mind being in such circumstances. He thought that it provided a good opportunity to develop the strong faith in God which would be needed on the mission field. The Lord has always faithfully provided for him in the past, and he was confident that this occasion would turn out no different."

I don't think any of us enjoy difficult circumstances, personally, I HATE them! We don't embrace pain and suffering whether it is physical, emotional or financial. But IF we could remember while being in that difficult circumstance that it is for our good, then we can find courage to PRESS ON (to quote Stonewall Jackson), knowing that God is developing our stronger faith in Him! Or as said in a sermon a few weeks ago, 'God is giving us opportunities to glorify Him through our difficult circumstances'. May we all be empty vessels, a living sacrifice that one day we will hear, "Well done good and faithful servant."

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