Saturday, January 6, 2007

Bottle Cap Pin Cushions

These are easy to make, pretty and useful too! They also make good little gifts for aspiring needlecrafters! Because we do alot of quilting around here, and hopefully we'll attempt apparel sewing this year, these are handy to have on!!! I made several of these for a craft show and have given alot away!

You will need:
Bottle Caps
1/4" elastic
Spray Paint
Batting or wool
Fabric (velvet is good, needs to be something durable)
Hot Glue Gun and Sticks
Metal Skewer

Save your coke caps,
or if you live in the north you'd call them soda or pop caps! ;o)
Wash and dry them.
Heat a metal skewer over a candle flame and quickly stab and melt your way into the cap. You may need to work it back and forth a bit to make the holes wide enough.
You can spray paint your caps before or after you put the holes in,
though I think it is best to paint them before, but I forgot to take a picture! ;o)
Use about 3" of 1/4" wide elastic. Here I cut 3/4" elastic down the middle and it has worked fine. I used a small crochet hook to help bring the elastic through the holes. Tie a knot on the inside of the bottle cap leaving enough 'loop' on the bottom side for you finger to fit comfortably.
Cut a circle of fabric about 4" in diameter,
and use a small amount of batting or wool
(I used old wool sweaters form the thrift store, it will keep your needles from rusting),
and place it in the middle of the fabric.

Having your hot glue gun ready, glue around the inside of the cap and twist and stuff your fabric in there. You'll have to work with it a bit, but you'll get the hang of it. Hold it still for a minute or so, letting the glue cool and harden. Then add beads or lace for embellishments. I love mine!

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