Saturday, January 13, 2007

APRON POWER...time to vote!


Barbara of
is hosting an apron contest.
She says,
"I say it's time to bring back the apron -
and I don't mean the unisex cloth chef's apron,
but the frilly feminine - even to the point of useless - kind."

View all of the aprons and send an e-mail to and list your 10 favorite aprons. Click on the pictures or slideshow to make them bigger and to reveal the entire comment under each. Voting ends Jan 19 at midnight.

To avoid stacking votes with friends, Barbara will only accept votes with 10 choices - not just one or two.

No special criteria for judging - just whatever appeals to you.

Feel free to write your comments about your choices so she can include some with the winners.

Also, if you want to share how this contest has encouraged you or changed your views please share! She'll be doing a round-up of those so we can continue to reflect on them and encourage each other!

May the best apron-clad woman win!

VOTE FOR US! (We're #40)
and your other nine favorites!

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Tammy said...

Pretty aprons! =)