Friday, January 12, 2007


A few lessons learned this week that were not taught from a book,
but I'm sure will always be remembered!

Lesson 1:
When you go to get your driver's permit, be sure to call and find out the correct days and times the office is open AND double check that you have ALL of the required ID's!!! We spent 8 hours and about 200 miles of driving so that Olivia could get her permit! If at all possible don't waste your time getting it in Blount County (which is where we live).

Lesson 2:
If you are going to dig up bushes and small trees, bring dad (or any respectable MAN) and a truck to help! Olivia and Emma dug up several bushes and a couple of trees for our yard and Olivia's herb garden. Thankfully were able to catch Dear ol' Brother to bring his truck and load them up. :o) Oh I envy those families with lots of boys! ;o)

First thing Friday morning Olivia went outside to build a dog pen, then she returned asking for Dad's tape measure, which we figured out was in Dad's truck, which was not here. So being the creative person (and quilter) that she is, she grabbed our sewing tape measure.

She and Emma set their minds to making a dog pen for Olivia's dog Savana, who is now one year old and attracting MALE neighbor dogs! It was quite entertaining watching these 2 girls scrounge up 4x4's and old fencing, digging holes, nailing the wire on... It took them all morning and they did a good job. A year of working by Dad's side is paying off!

Lesson 3:
Even if a dog is neutered, that does not mean that he will not be interested in a female dog!!! I figure, 'what's the use'?Jeff tells me I don't understand men nor male dogs. lol...

Pictured here is our family dog Scrappy (the lab), and Savana the-wanna-be-floozy...notice the CHAIN on HER?! What you don't see is the neighbor's NON-neutered dog is usually about 30 feet away that we are trying not to kill! Scrappy is Alpha dog here and he will not let that dog near Savana. It has been very educational! He is so noble in protecting her! :o) Would noble be the right word? lol...

Lesson 4:
Let Dad help with the fence!

After the fence ordeal today, Jeff brought in a deer that a friend gave him. It was Emma's turn to *help him*! She had to hold it so it wouldn't twist and turn while he cut on it.

Lesson 5:
If blood is involved...RUN! HIDE! DO MATH!!!

This afternoon, after the fence...after the deer...we went and saw our friend Steve King be sworn into office as Circuit Court Judge. He and his family are also fellow Christians (Reformed), and solid home educators.

Quite an educational week!

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