Thursday, November 30, 2006

Faith in Action Ideas

Here is a list of ways to put your faith in action that I found on Summit Ministries. The list is directed towards college students, but some of these would be great projects for the kids and all of us. To read the complete list go HERE.

4. Buy a billboard space and put up messages against abortion, pornography, etc.

5. Call in to a radio talk show.

6. Carry on e-mail conversations with missionaries.

7. Collect information from opposing worldviews and analyze.

8. Conduct a retirement center survey-"If you had it to do over again, what would you do differently?"

9. Conduct a survey of the general public-"What habits you would like to break."

11. Do a word study of wisdom.

12. Find and collect examples of media bias.

13. Get one or more good commentaries and go through a book of the bible.

14. Give a speech to a community organization.

15. Go on a missions trip to a third world country.

16. Go on a missions trip to the inner city.

17. Have a teacher appreciation breakfast.
(OH! I REALLY like this one ;o) )

18. Host a Bible study at your residence.

19. Host a candlelight vigil for Christians undergoing persecution around the world.

20. Host a debate between prominent opponents.

21. Institute positive peer pressure (e.g.-Go without TV for a week).

22. Meet with your state legislator.

23. Minister to homeless people in the streets (e.g.-buy or give someone food or clothes)

24. Offer to write an editorial from for the newspaper.

25. Pick up brochures from your campus Student Union and dissect from a worldview standpoint.

26. Practice complimenting others.

27. Practice emphasizing a positive character quality for a week.

28. Role-play confronting someone who has wronged you.

29. Role-play discussing issues with someone of another worldview.

30. Run for a political office.

31. Sit in on an editorial meeting at the newspaper office.

32. Sponsor a child through Compassion International and study poverty's causes and effects.

34. Study the character qualities of people in the Bible.

35. Survey local corporations to find out about their diversity training programs (what do they say about behaviors such as homosexuality?).

36. Tape a television media report and analyze it.

38. Tour a museum exhibit and analyze it from a biblical standpoint.

39. Tour a zoo and analyze it from a biblical standpoint.

40. Visit a retirement center to learn from older people.

42. Volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center.

43. Volunteer at a homeless shelter.

45. Volunteer for a local community service.

46. Volunteer for your community's Meals on Wheels.

48. Watch a movie with a group of friends and discuss its worldview implications.

49. Write a letter to the editor.

50. Write an encouraging note to someone you look up to.

51. Write or e-mail political officials.

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