Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Tarzan Cake
I had fun making this yesterday for my little friend Cooper!
Bake and stack three different size round cakes.
I tore our a little of the middle one to make way for the waterfall.
I added to straws to help keep the layer from shifting.
I iced white between layers and filled in the water,
I added a few whitecaps with the white icing....
then the green grass, with grey rocks.
After the rocks air dried a bit I shaped them with my fingers.
I placed bread sticks in for the trees trunks.
These should have been pretzel sticks, but none of our local stores had any. :o/
The problem with using bread sticks is that they get soft from the icing
and will eventually fall we found out the hard way.
I used the leaf tip to make the palm trees.
I bought an elephant and made Tarzan from icing. Now granted he is a bit chubby, and even looks lazy as he lays on the elephant...oh well...
Note: Since I 'dressed' Tarzan he is somewhat modest! ;o)

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WOW! How neat!!

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