Sunday, December 3, 2006

The Fruit of Her Hands

This is not a very good picture...
but it is of our friends the Boyds.
Their baked goods were SO GOOD!

Saturday, our family and a few other families that we know took part in a local craft show. We all put alot of work into producing our goods. And I think we have all asked ourselves, "Is it worth it?" And if you look at the bottom line, the grand total, the ACTUAL profit, the answer may be no. But if you look at what we were teaching our children in the process, then it is more than worth it. They learn the value of hard work including the creativity, the manufacturing, the marketing, the investing and so much more!!! They also learn not to be idle, to be productive with their time and talents. It builds an appreciation for the skills others have.
This is the Lee's booth.
You can barely see Sherri...I think she was dodging the camera,
along with the other 14 members of her family!!! ???!!!

Then there is the whole aspect of being active in the community. The other families that we knew there have larger than 'normal' family size (one family has 13 children). This was so neat!!! They were all there with their products. All of the children were so well behaved. What a testimony to the community of God's blessings! Families working together and enjoying it (well for the most part ;o) )

Not pictured are our friends the Crawfords who own Nurtured By Nature.
(The BEST bath and body products!!!)

nor are the Travers pictured, who operate Turning Hearts Ministries.
I bought some beautiful greeting cards from their oldest son.

I received this from Steve Beck and I thought it would be fitting to add it here:

In Proverbs 31, we have a woman who manages her household so well
that her home can not contain her industry. Her family comes
first, but she look what else is happening:

She considers a field and buys it in verse 15. She is no stranger
to financial matters. She knows how to count the cost so that she
comes out ahead.

She invests the profits from her land transaction in verse 16.
She does not foolishly spend her profits. She invests them wisely
so that the whole household benefits.

She extends her hand to the poor in verse 20. She gives because
she can afford to. She is not burdened by excessive debt nor is
she relying on others for her basic needs.

She has a godly confidence in her ability to provide when times
get tough in verse 21.

She sells merchandise out of her home in verse 24. One assumes
that the garments and sashes she sells are well- crafted and
bring top dollar in the market place.

Her children call her blessed and her husband praises her in
verse 28.

All praise her in the gates in verse 31 and we are still praising
her to this day!

This woman has leveraged a small home business into a wonderful
blessing for her family, her community and countless people who
have read her story and followed her example. She is impacting
her culture in a godly way, even to this day. Oh, that more would
follow her example.

Warmly in Christ,
Stephen Beck


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