Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Where Have all the Protectors Gone?
I have not been as disturbed by a story as the Amish shootings in a long time. Not that their lives are more precious than anyone else, but there is just something about this situation that is particularly disturbing.

Last week when the shooting in Colorado (I think it was that one) happened, the report was that the killer made the teacher and all the BOYS leave. Leaving the most delicate souls in the room. I was impressed that at least ONE BOY said he was not leaving, but the killer put a gun to his head and threatened him, then he did leave. You have to give him credit for at least trying to stay behind for the girls. I respect him for that.

Then this week when the killer did the same thing, made the ones that were suppose to protect leave. How disturbing. Picking the weakest to attack. Can there anything more coward-like? None of us know how we would react until we were in that type of a situation, I hope I would risk being killed before I'd leave helpless ones behind. I would hope my son would do the same. I KNOW my husband would.

In a 'survival-of-the-fittest' type culture (thank you evolutionist!), we have lost sight of 'women and children first', protecting the weak, having a greater love for others, laying down our lives to protect and save the weaker, as Christ did. May we be diligent to teach our sons to be providers and protectors, through God's grace.

Along this same thinking the young men over at The Rebelution
have an excellent series about Modern Day Chivalry. Be sure to read all of the parts of this listed on their sidebar. WARNING! You will spend hours reading their site, so grab a cup of coffee!

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