Thursday, January 21, 2010


I LOVE making HOME! Making life more pleasant for the people I love most!!!

Is every task, every day a fun? No, but I do it because it is my duty.

Does everyone always appreciate what I do? No, but I can appreciate my work, knowing I have done my best.

Am I often taken for granted? Yep! But it is the Lord I seek to please.

Do I have days that feel like I just can't keep any kind of order? Sure thing!

But here is a thought: This duty is called homemakING, not home 'made'. Making is a present tense word. We rarely get things just the way we want them. Homemaking is a constant task. A task that takes a lot of attention and dying to self. If your heart is not into making home, then you will end up being a bitter old woman.

A true homemaker realizes that homemaking is about making life more pleasant for the people that enters her doors. If it were just about keeping a house clean and orderly it would be called housekeeping. But a homemaker is about making a home; a place where people long to come to, a place where people are nourished and revived.

It is all PERSPECTIVE! And the more people we have and the more activity we have in our house, the greater the need is for homeMAKING! :o) So don't grow weary in doing ***good***! Don't look for people to thank you or praise your great efforts. Willingly create a home filled with comfortable surroundings, satisfying foods, sweet aromas, and pleasant memories. Engrave these memories deep into the soul of your family, and as they grow up and out, only to return for visits; they will recall HOME, and remember the labor of love you poured into their lives.

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Jeremiah and Stephenie said...

Once again, Kathy, your post was so timely for me. Thank you for sharing.