Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pictures from the Lake Resort

On my actual birthday last week Emma fixed she and I a nice picnic lunch and we went down to our lake and we had a sweet time.

Jeff took me out for a late afternoon lunch and Olivia SURPRISED ME by having flowers and balloons delivered at the restaurant.

Every year for my birthday I ask for the same thing. Simply a weekend (or even a day) away from everything, usually somewhere in the mountains, which you would think is easy since we live in the foothills of the Appalachians. Unfortunately, this time of year is usually busy for Jeff and it is hard to get away..

The older your kids are the harder it is to go somewhere together.

This weekend I was able to enjoy 2 of my 3 kids and of course wonderful hubby! We rented a cabin up at Lake Guntersville for a couple nights. This resort had plenty of activities the girls loved!

Olivia loving the view from the Bird's Nest deck.

Emma made time to get her running in. She will be doing a 5K later this month.

We played need to tell you who won...
after all he wins at EVERYTHING!

There was an indoor pool that was pretty much unused by anyone else!

If there is a foosball table around, we HAVE to play that!But be warned, we...I mean, Jeff will WIN!

Jeff and I played A LOT of pool when we were dating,
so of course it is fun to put a little chalk on the ball!

Yes, he still lets me cheat (I have my own set of 'rules'), and he still wins!

We enjoyed just resting near the lake, watching the geese and cranes.

Last night at the Bird's Nest (part of the resort clubhouse) we went to watch the Karaoke folks. It was mostly the over 60 crowd, we were one of 2 'families' there., everyone else was older couples or singles. It was pretty hilarious. There was no alcohol served there, but I could see where it would help the situation. Olivia offered Emma $20 if she'd get up there and sing! Well...being a girl of GREAT COURAGE and always wanting to earn a buck, she did it!!! It helped that out of the 20 singers, only 2-3 of them could actually sing good. It was fun...and Emma is $20 richer today!

It was a relaxing time. I loved just sitting with my husband, who NEVER sits still. I love just being together and not necessarily saying anything.

I am truly amazed that after 23 years,
we can be more in love today than the day we married.
God has been good to us!


Anna said...

Happy Birthday, dear Kathy.....happy Birthday to you!

Leslie from Virginia
(Anna and Ben say Happy Birthday, too!)

Jeremiah and Stephenie said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! That would be my "perfect" birthday gift. My love language is quality time, so I usually want to do something with my family for my birthday.

Happy belated birthday!
Thank you for your blogs. They are definitely a ministry to me.


Kathy, Jeff's Wife said...

Thank you!!!!