Saturday, June 21, 2008

Times are a changin'

Gosh our family is changing so fast! It seems like yesterday I was taking care of four needy kiddos and now they are about grown and they need me so little. They are independent and self motivated, which is good, but I miss my little ones.

This morning we put Olivia on a plane to fly across the country (all by herself) to California.

She will be helping a family drive from there to S.C. (although she will be ending her leg of the journey here in Alabama). They have 4 little ones, a van and a U-Haul so she will help with the driving.

She commented, "Everyone knows it's your first flight when your family is acting like the poperotze!" as the camera flashes constantly!

Cherish every day because they'll be grown before you know it!


Julie said...

I love her comment. How cute. My oldest is 11 and I can hardly believe it. LOL
What a responsible young lady you have raised to be able to send her out to help another family.
She has a beautiful smile by the way!

LinesFromTheVine said...

I remember my mom doing the same thing on my first flight from AL to TX. It made me feel really special that she was taking time to capture the moment in pictures.
I'm sure that she will be a great help to the family that she is traveling with...

Kathy, Jeff's Wife said...

Thank you ladies!

Yes, she is very responsible and mature. She was born this way, she always acted like a grown up. ;o)

It's all the grace of God!