Friday, June 20, 2008

4-H Regionals

Monday we attended our 4-H Regional Conference. Emma competed in the Chef Food Demonstration and Olivia competed in Persuasive Speech. They both did a good job. Both of these categories involve public speaking; which is one thing I really want the girls to be able to do without feeling like they are going to faint. Being able to communicate well in public is so important. It comes a little easier for Olivia than it does for Emma. I make sure the girls take part in Chef and Public Speaking each year. The more they have to actually speak the more they should become somewhat confident with it. At least that's my plan. ;o)

Olivia won first, which was no surprise since none of the competition showed up. :o/ This is very frustrating for students who pour a lot of work into getting ready. She still gave her speech and was evaluated by three judges, so it was not a total waste. Unfortunately she will not be bale to compete at State level because she will be out of town. :o/Emma won 3rd with her Chef Demonstration of Curry Chicken Salad. She did a good job but her nerves got the best of her, but she improves each time she does it!

Others from our county competing at Regional: Hannah-Chef; Olivia, Emma, Jed- photography-he won 1st in junior division; and Johnny who won first in photography in the senior division.

Over all 4-H is a good program. It's sad more people don't use the program.

Our kids are third generation 4-Hers!

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Dana said...

I was a 10-year 4-H member and I know that most of my domestic skills came from 4-H. Our girls will be members, too, but I think it's changed a lot in the past 25 years since I graduated out.

Congratulations to Olivia and to Emma for a job well done!