Thursday, June 26, 2008

I am Beyond Angry!!!

I try to keep things on this blog possitive and not rant when things get under my skin, but today is an exception! I am so disgusted and angry. Why does God continue to hold back His wrath on our country?

We watch very little TV, usually just the 9:00 news. A couple weeks ago I saw a commercial for a new reality show called the Baby Borrowers. Their slogan was, "It's Not TV, It's Birth Control." That alone ticked me off and I had the usual thought, 'People are crazy!'

Then yesterday I read what Spunky had to say:

Watch the video trailers. In Where's Happy Baby, one mother lays down the law and scolds the teen couple for their failure to parent properly at bedtime; telling the teen parents that the baby has bonded and they need to "suck it up and solve the need." Yet, the mother has just loaned her baby out who needs her comfort not some teen in training. Another mother intervenes when her baby has not been fed all day; she admonishes the teen that life's not about her any more it's about her baby. But that's not her baby and the teen knows it and so does the baby. Someone should be scolding the real parents of these babies, not the TV teens! After all life is not about them anymore. What life lesson are they teaching their own babies and toddlers?
The Baby Borrower's website tells how parents "donated" their baby for the "experiment".

Those that know me know that I am not an overly emotional person, but this literally makes me sick to my stomach! I am beyond angry. How in the world can parents hand over their child who is 100% dependent on them for something so STUPID? These children are given as gifts from God and to treat them as an object ENRAGES me.

Also, on the website it has a poll asking 'When are couples best prepared to become parents?" And of course it gives a list of ages. It has nothing to do with age, it has to do with maturity and MARRIAGE! Do you hear me yelling? Young couples can make wonderful parents if their world view is correct. Today's view of marriage and children is so out of kilter. Marriage is to be embraced, children are to be embraced, according to God's Word!!! God put us here to be fruitful and multiply, not engage in sex with whoever we want to. It is suppose to be one man for one woman, for one lifetime!

What is just as sad as people donating their precious babies for a STUPID TV show, is that this will encourage not only birth control (that usually causes early abortions, although Planned Parenthood and doctors won't tell you that because there is too money involved) , but it will add to the number of abortions. The show obviously will help teens see that a baby is not for them. What if their 'birth control' fails? Abortion is the quickest, least expensive way to kill their problem, their BABY!

Why not do a show on the consequences of pre-marital sex, or extra-marital sex; shattered marriages, STDs, lives of suffering, neglected children, emotional pain, families torn apart... Now wouldn't that make a good reality show? I doubt it because it would be TOO REAL!

I am so angry!!! On one had I say let's throw the TV out and not see anything, but on the other hand we need to know a little of what is happening to our culture. I know I need a slap in the face once in a while with something like this to get me angry, angry enough to stand up and fight to reclaim our culture.

May God have mercy on us.


Anonymous said...

God holds back his wrath on our country because he is infinitely loving, slow to anger, and compassionate. His heart breaks for all humanity. He wants all people to come to know him, and that's why he tarries, even now. Let's show the same love and compassion to everyone, even the TV producers and people who offer their babies for TV shows (with good intentions), and people will see that and wonder "What's different about them?". That's a great opening to talk about God's love, Jesus' sacrifice, and how it can save and change lives. Thanks.

Ginger said...

God has been pouring his wrath upon this nation. IT has come in a few venue's such as the fires that are raging in CA. The flooding in the midwest. It is more then just weather, We believe it is truly from God!

Ginger said...

He has shown his wrath! Fires in CA, flooding in the mid east. Hurricane Katrina, Tornado's and earthquakes. This is one area where he has shown his wrath.

Kathy, Jeff's Wife said...


Thank you for commenting.

I do agree with you that God is slow to anger, no doubt about that, and THAT is why He does terry. It was a rhetorical question.

But I do have to take issue with a couple of other comments you made.

"Let's show the same love and compassion to everyone, even the TV producers and people who offer their babies for TV shows (with good intentions)"

Even IF their intentions are good, which I highly doubt ($$$), it doesn't change the fact that it is WRONG!

Yes, we are called to love, but with that love there comes a time when you have to proclaim the truth; you have to fight for what is right! If we always sit down and be quiet will the truth be told? YES, it does need to be done with a spirit of love, BUT there is a time to draw a line in the sand and be heard.

When I think about this show, which is making a mockery out of God's blessings of children and family life, I think of the temple that was being used for buying and selling. This DID make Jesus mad and He let everyone know it. It was their actions that enraged Him. They took a holy place and used it for their personal gain. I see no difference with this show which is portraying children as a burden. We as Christians should be outraged. I am not attacking the people, and if I could, I would talk to them with kindness, but their actions are wrong, and we have to start being bold about what is right and wrong.

I wonder if our abortion laws would be different if Christians would have made a bold stand in the 60s?

I wonder if the sanctity of marriage would be observed in ALL states if Christians would get out of their bubble of love and declare what saith the Lord? He refers to His word as a sword, that it because we are to use it to defend TRUTH!

Christians should be grieved at the state of the American family and the American Church. IT IS TIME to take up arms against the enemy and fight for the cause of Christ... BECAUSE we love HIM, and we love His people.

Lynn said...

Great post. I saw the promos for this show the other night when I was watching the news. I COULD NOT believe it. I can't believe people would do that or watch it. I guess it truly shows the state of our society. It is very sad.

MikeandCharlsie said...

Wow thank you for pointing out how awful this show is. I can't remember where I heard about it since we don't have any t.v. channels but I do remember being horrified. I can't imagine what kind of parents would "loan" their precious babies out!!! I guess I am just glad to see someone else that thinks it is as awful as I do!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Kathy. Christians OUGHT to feel righteous anger when confronted with something wrong. Jesus Himself got very angry when appropriate. Anger is not a sin when it is in response to something evil. I think using babies as entertainment (to their detriment I might add) qualifies. They are helpless. We are admonished to defend the helpless. When the parents who are entrusted with that sacred duty shirk their responsibility publically (and for money no doubt) it OUGHT to disgust us. I fear for a culture who turns a blind eye to social injustice in the name of Christian love. That's really not love at all to ignore the helpless in favor of showing "love" to the misguided people exploiting them.

Secondly, I have just been discussing with a friend that I thought it was not a coincidence that after our state (CA) legalized gay marriage, we were shortly afflicted with over 800 wildfires started by lightning no less. I agree with the other commenter that America is no doubt feeling His wrath. I think the current economic crisis probably falls under that category as well. America definitely seems to be standing in judgment of late and rightly so.

And, I just want to let you know how much we enjoy your blog around here! Wonderful inspiration and encouragement. Thanks for a gem of a blog!


Julie said...

My first problem was the parents just handing over their children. Not just the babys but where are these teenagers parents??

Word Warrior said...

Ranting with you...ANON...sweetie, Jesus ranted...he hates sin, and his compassion NEVER covered his fury with unrepentant wickedness.

We need to understand the gospel...compassion and tolerance are not the same.

Campbell's Hope said...

I can't believe the parents...


Dana said...

I feel the same way about the show "Wife Swap". I've only watched one or two episodes, and I'm not even sure why I watched those. They love to pair up Christians and/or conservatives with those who are the exact opposite. If you are really concerned for your family, why in the world would you subject them to someone who has the opposite viewpoint that you hold? Crazy.

I rarely watch television. Things like this are the reason why.


Ana Smith said...


Anyway, just another example of how the U.S. is finishing up another cycle in history, how we're following in the steps of the Mayas, Romans, etc... and how we're following Satan's same old lies-just a different manifestation.

Which is why it's so important to make a difference with those around us before the U.S. does fall. The United States and Americans are not invincible.

Sharon said...

My husband and I were just discussing this show. In addition to the reasons that you mentioned for not liking the premise of this show, my hubby said that it is possibly stilting the point of view of anyone of any age who watches. The teens are thrown into parenting a child that is not theirs - they can't possibly feel "parent love" (nor is it being modeled!!!). They are given a child to basically "babysit" w/o benefit of the love that develops between a parent and child. People are being shown the "down" side of parenting (you know, the sleepless nights, the "tummy bugs", the potty training) - and NONE of the wonderful God-given love that takes place in an intimate parent/child relationship. Hubby is concerned that this show would turn anyone of any age against having a child - ever! Sad, sad, sad!