Monday, April 7, 2008

Multiply it By 10!

I am a bit of a visionary person, meaning I have LOTS of ideas, and a few really good ones too! ;o) But I can become so overwhelmed because I want to do everything, I want to go everywhere, etc...

Then reality hits and I remember I can not do everything. :o(

I started our crochet video over 2 months ago, thinking it would take me a couple weeks and I'd have it ready for publishing. HA! Then life happens, you know, hubby needs attention, house needs cleaning, school work needs oversight, tornadoes hit, shopping to be done, stomach bugs, colds, holidays, birthdays, etc... I've decided that how ever long I THINK it will take me to do something, I need to multiply it by 10!

I have been trying to get the voice overs done on the crochet video for about three weeks, thinking I only had about 3-4 hours left of work on it. It has taken me ALL DAY to finish it, but is finished! I just need to edit a few subtitles and it will be off to the publisher! Can you hear the shouts of hallelujahs?!~

Pre-release special price to be announced soon! I'm planning on figuring that up this evening...but you know how my time schedules go! :o)


Dana said...

I know what you mean about multiplying by 10!!! Been there, done that!

I already know how to crochet. Are you planning a DVD on knitting? I've tried picking it up several times, but guess I'm a crocheter at heart. I'd love to knit socks!


Kathy, Jeff's Wife said...

Hi Dana,

Knitting is down the road, I need to learn how first! :o) I love how knitting looks!