Friday, March 21, 2008


Last Saturday our little, country community was hit by two F-2 tornadoes. The destruction was 6 miles long. We were under a severe storm warning, but no tornado warning, nor did the tornado siren go off. When I head the rain hitting hard and I looked out the window and saw everything was flying by us, I yelled to the girls to get in the hallway. We do not have a basement or storm shelter. When you can *see* the wind you know you have a problem.

Thankfully it lasted only minutes, when the rain stopped and we stepped outside we were in awe of what we saw.

Thank the Lord our home and other buildings were not damaged. It did rip our power box from the house and all the wires. It leveled our power pole at the ground and laid 53 trees across our quarter mile road! One tree was on the trampoline and one tree broke the basketball hoop. Our neighbor had much worse damage than we did. About a mile or so from us there was a whole farm wiped out, completely leveled, and several more badly damaged! Praise the Lord no one was hurt, except alot of chickens (chicken farms are big here) and six cows were killed.

We were without power for two days and no internet for seven days! Thus, no blog post!

God was so very gracious to us. We have a HUGE, OLD tree about 10-15 feet from our house. This tree lost a limb a year ago on a clam, sunny morning. We are praising God for choosing to keep that tree standing when hundreds of others were uprooted and snapped in half.

I'll try to get some pictures loaded tomorrow.

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Dana said...

I'd wondered why you weren't posting, hoping the bad weather didn't hit you and that you were just on Spring Break. Glad to hear you're all ok.