Sunday, April 27, 2008

Birthday Pictures

Emma celebrated her birthday last week with some friends over for a movie night.

Guest were welcomed at the door and asked to choose which movie they'd like to view.

There were signs on all the doors of our house.
(Olivia did a GREAT job!)

This was pretty funny!

There was HUGE display of snack foods to choose from,
although they did not have to pay $5.00 for popcorn! :o)

Silly girls!

Emma is an animal lover, we often have to remind her that they are not equal humans!
Her grandma gave her a book about the Emotional Side of Animals. It has great pictures!

Here cake was chocolate on there anything else? ;o)

Each girl took home a bucket of goodies to share with their siblings.

Her actual birthday was pretty quiet. Her dad took her out on her birthday date, he does this with both of the girls. Then we went for a nice walk down to the lake/ was a beautiful day.


Dana said...

Happy Birthday to Emma! I would have picked the same cake--it looks YUMMY!

Had to laugh at the spelling above your snack stand. Did you mean "conCessions"?



Kathy, Jeff's Wife said...

OH Dana! I guess I'VE made it public that I have passed down my ability to spell EVERYTHING wrong to my daughter. :o(

Dana said...

You know, there are some words that I STILL don't know how to spell! For example, is it "surprise", "suprise", "surprize", "suprize"...or some other way??? Usually I'll just substitute "unexpected" because it means the same thing and I can spell it! LOL

"I'm planning an UNEXPECTED birthday party" just doesn't sound right, does it? :-s