Friday, February 8, 2008

Quilted Windows/Decorating

My Frugal Friday tip is another decorating idea!
This cost me NOTHING to make! :o)

This is what hangs on the wall over my desk. Jeff had some old wooden windows and I glued in some OLD hand pieced squares that someone gave me. When you look closely you can see the uneven seams and how the stitches are loose, but oh how I love it. Today quilting is so much like a math/art project. When these squares were made there was no rotary cutter and twenty different rulers to choose from, nor were there sewing machine that you have to have a degree to understand how to use. I love modern technology, I LOVE my rotary cutter and rulers, perhaps that is why I truly appreciate a square (even more so a whole quilt) that has been hand cut and pieced together!

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Jamie said...

I think that is so pretty! Thanks for sharing!