Saturday, February 9, 2008

One Way to Nurture the Love of Learning

Yesterday, I had the privilege of teaching another
precious bunch of girls some quilting skills.
We did a rag quilt class.

It is so fun to teach EAGER learners!

There are several things about this group of girls that REALLY stands out! First of all, they love and embrace being GIRLS! They are also so KIND to each other, always preferring others, even their own siblings, before themselves. Their respect for others, especially the adults, is so refreshing. They are willing and responsible. When it was time to clean up, everyone did their part. What makes this bunch of girls so special, is the fact that they have Christ abiding in them. Their faith is more than just between them and God. Their faith is ruled by God, but it is carried out EVERY DAY, in how they treat others, especially their siblings and adults. It will be these young ladies, and others like them, that will change the world, as their hands rock the cradles of the next generation!!!

To me this was the most beautiful part of my day with these girls. The two oldest sisters (to the right), were more than glad to let little sister sit and sew at the machine...under their watchful eyes...and little sister was SO EXCITED to be part of the project! THIS is how you nurture learning. Little ones should not be treated as an inconvenience. Quilting/sewing and any other domestic duty should not be viewed as drudgery, but as a task that can be fun, or at the very least, as something that can be tackled with a good attitude ( the bathroom! )

Can you see the smile on her face?

Usually, Olivia (my oldest girl) goes with me to help teach these classes, but yesterday Emma went and she did an EXCELLENT job. I'm so glad I have girls!


Campbell's Hope said...

What a woman you are..Teaching the next generation...You are so busy but you find time to teach and for that I'm thankful....


Anonymous said...

I love that the younger ones are learning to quilt! Some of my favorite winter memories are sitting under a quilt up on a hanging frame playing while the neighborhood ladies quilted. This happened every winter.