Monday, October 1, 2007

A Serious Ironing Board!

Jeff helped me make this ironing board for my quilting. When you are pressing yards of fabric at a time a regular ironing board just doesn't do the job. We have one similar to this at our guild and I am THRILLED to have one of my very own! It's really pretty simple to make one.

Cut and screw a piece of plywood to an ironing board,
be sure to center it. This one is 58" x 24".
Put the board up against a chair or wall so it won't move around on you.
Using a staple gun, I added 4 layers of batting.
Pull it pretty taunt, no wrinkles.
Using canvas from a fabric store, cover the board with about 4-5 inches all the way around.
You will want to fold it under so that it will not come unraveled.
First do the top, then flip the board and pull the bottom TIGHT.
Be sure it is smooth and no room for shifting.
I also cut the fabric on the corners so it won't be so bulky when it is folded over.
Then I stapled down one side, then pulling as tight as you can, staple the other side down.

It helps to have someone else help with this.
Now to get busy quilting!!!


Dana said...

I would LOVE to have an ironing board that big! Alas...there'd be no place to put it. :-( I'm very happy for you--and a little jealous too!


mogirlinnc said...

I love it! I've seen instructions for ironing board tops that you put on your regular ironing board, but this makes so much more sense. Right now I am constantly moving our one ironing board between flights (I quilt in the basement). I think I'm gonna ask for this for my b-day!

Michele in NC