Sunday, September 9, 2007

My Favorite Projects

We snapped a few pictures after church today. The older the kids get the harder it is to get a picture. Actually, it is Jeff that makes photos hard to do. His personality is so easy going...except for taking pictures, you'd think you were asking him for blood or something! His parents tell me when he was a kid he would cry and throw things at the camera. When Josh was little he hated pictures too, although he didn't throw things, he'd just cry or go here he is, slap in the center! :o) He was also setting the timer on the camera today and running into place. :o)

Those that know me well, know I usually have a half a dozen projects going at one time. I have 2 baby blankets in the basket next to the recliner, about 5 quilts cut out...but not put together yet, several sewing patterns waiting to be cut, I started a jute/beaded necklace about 2 weeks ago...and the list goes on... :o/ BUT I do get things done, just not as fast as I start them. :o)

As much as I like to make things, I'd have to say that my family, especially my husband, are my favorite projects. They are my life long project that I want to pour my whole life into. They are the project that God himself gave me. Unlike finishing a quilt or catering a wedding reception, I will never see the complete project of my family, because it is God that is responsible for the results, and hopefully these results will carry on for generations. When I finish a quilt, a cake, or whatever... I can take a step back and look at it. I can see my mistakes and wish I would have done some things differently, and that is how I feel about being a wife and mother. Jeff and I just celebrated our 21st anniversary. There are many things I wish I would have done differently, but then again, those things make up who we are. God uses all those things for our good and His glory. What a mess things would be if it were all up to us!!!

I am so thankful that God gave me this special project, this calling (mission) in life, to be a wife and mother. I am even more thankful that I am God's chosen project, and that He has promised to FINISH ME (unlike my boxes of unfinished projects). When I am done doing the things He has for me to do, He will bring me home...HOME to enjoy Him forever! Until then may I be clay in the Potter's hands.

The BEST dog in the world!


Dana said...

Well said.

Except....we have the best CATS in the world!

Dana >^..^<

Word Warrior said...

What beautiful pondering, Kathy!
(I'm sorry I missed your anniversary!)

You're an inspiration to me.