Monday, September 10, 2007

Entrepreneur Days

This is a post from Rhea Perry who started Entrepreneur Days in her home. I thought this was a beautiful post and why we are continuing to persevere to keep our home as a true 'home base' for work and ministry!

In this age of securing professionals for everything, we have
lost sight of one key truth.

God ordained the home to be the center of ministry.

There are tons of examples in the Bible and in history where
small things started in homes.

Jeff Bezos started Amazon in his garage.

Pierre Omidyar started Ebay in an apartment.

Sergei Brin and Larry Page started Google in their college
dorm room.

And look where they are today!

My family has personally experienced that on a much smaller
scale with the conference we just hosted two weeks ago.

Entrepreneur Days, which served over 300 guests from 30 states
including Alaska, California, Washington, and Florida, started
in my living room just a few years ago.

We even had guests from Saudi Arabia and Canada.

This past weekend, I wanted to host a double baby shower for my
daughter and my daughter-in-law and so my old friends could meet
my son-in-law and my daughter-in-law.

But since I have been a bit busy with the conference lately, my
house isn’t in “show shape.”

In fact, parts of it are trashed.

I considered renting the hall at the volunteer fire station down
the road so I wouldn’t have to clean the house.

But I started thinking about my purpose, as I always do.

Home is supposed to be the center of ministry. It always has been.

So I rounded up the kids and we focused on cleaning the public

We just shut the doors to the rooms we didn’t get to.

Ever done that?

(I know you have!)

So yesterday, we had a glorious event! The boys all stayed.

Drew even stayed and played our silly baby games.

He didn’t win the diapering competition but his energy efficient
house stories and his $66 power bill during a month when
temperatures averaged over 100 degrees was popular with the

(He’s building super energy efficient houses these days.)

After the event when all the guests had left, the kids were in
such a great mood that I didn’t want to leave them to go to bed.

That’s what home is supposed to be like.

If life at your house isn’t what you’d like it to be, pray that
the Lord gives you wisdom to change what needs to be changed.

Learn how to balance all the people and activities so you always
keep the main thing the main thing.

(That’s why women are multi-taskers!)

When we keep our priorities right by honoring our spouse and
children and focusing on establishing home as a place of
ministry, God is pleased.

And everybody else is happy too!

So many books, so little time…

who wants to help you make your home the center of your
business as well!

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