Monday, September 17, 2007

A Must-See--The Monstrous Regiment

Here is a sneak preview of a Gunn Brother's documentary coming in October.


Rebecca said...

This looks WONDERFUL! Thank you for sharing! I am excited! Time and time again, here on your blog, you vocalize what I am internalized. It is such a blessing to know I am not the only one who believes the things that I do. This internet has provided for me such a WONDERFUL network of believers! It is such a blessing. YOU are such a blessing.

Kathy, Jeff's wife said...

You are incredibly sweet! Come by we'll have tea. LOL! I too learn and and am blessed by the internet! Glory to God!

Red Geraniums said...

Women's "liberation" is nothing more than a dark deception of bondage to society and it's mindset. The Holy Spirit has brought it into the Light for me and I've had a major "aha moment" as they say. It is the robbery of a woman's heritage and her place of blessing in God's Kingdom. Lately it has become obvious to me-the burden this lie has placed on an entire generation of women and how it has infiltrated the Church-and how I bought that lie for so long! I believe God's desire is to bring back a remnant of Godly daughters who desire to live the way He designed. Thanks for sharing this, I can't wait to see it in it's entirety...I will pass it on to others I know who feel the same way! This is one of the reasons I started my blog yesterday! :o) God Bless your boldness! x0 Glenda