Wednesday, September 19, 2007

County Fair Week!

The Brodock home is affectionately called "Fair Central" for a few weeks in September. We absolutely LOVE our county fair. Our favorite part is participating in the exhibits. We enter items in several of the handiwork, gardening, food preservation, and baked goods categories. The girls each also do a 4-H Booth exhibit. This year Olivia's booth is about the dangers of smoking and Emma's is about exercise.

We try to keep fair project ideas in mind all year long when we make things. This is a GREAT
way for the children to use their skills that they are working on. The county fair allows them to be
judged and hopefully be rewarded with ribbons and cash, and if not, they learn good sportsmanship!
It is also great inspiration for ideas of how to improve on what they know, and consider learning
new skills. But mostly, the county fair inspires all of us to be productive.

Baked Goods Registration
front: Emma and Olivia
back: Me and our friend/neighbor, Carolyn,
who is over all individual exhibits
We use this time to do community work and volunteer as a family at the fair. This year
the girls and I are in charge of the Baked Goods registration, and all of us will be helping
work the gates one night. We are also helping at a couple of booths during the week,
including the Sav-a-Life booth. I am not saying this too toot our own horn, but to point out
that there are times when families can be a witness for Christ to the community just because
we are willing to serve. When people see that you are willing to serve they wonder what is
different about you, THAT is when you point to Christ. There are alot of people that are
willing to volunteer as individuals, but not many are willing to serve as a family. Not many
teens are willing to give freely of their time unless they are doing a 'Community Service Project'
for a club or a grade. I hope that we are teaching our kids that this is a way of life. I also hope
we are dispelling myths about homeschoolers. THIS is TRUE socialization, being able to
communicate will all ages and types of people, not just 30 other kids their age all day
Emma taking water to the fair workers.

It is a great time to see people that you have not seen in years and to meet new people.

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