Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fair Review

The County Fair has come to end. :o) What a long week of volunteering, but it was fun. We met alot of new people, came home with lots of new ideas that we want to try, but most of all we thank God for His grace!

After helping with the Baked Good registration for two days,
my fellow quilter and friend Jerri and I came to man the Quilter's booth on Wed. night.
This is not me and Jerri, but it IS our Quilter's booth with 2 of our other ladies.

Our families also came to ride rides that night.
Pictured above is Emma, friend-Katie and Josh.

Here is Olivia with her 4-H booth, it was about the hazards of smoking.
She won first place which included a $60 check!
Somehow Emma's picture with her booth got deleted from my camera
so I don't have it. :o(
She won second place and a check for $50!

Friday night our whole family volunteered to work the gates.
We were actually representing our quilter's guild,
but if you get one of us... you get all of us!
Here's Josh, he helped take up tickets and figured out how
some un-paid fair goers were getting in!
Emma and I worked the other side of the gate.

Jeff and Olivia worked the ticket booth.

It was this night that we were even more aware of God's grace on us. If it weren't for His mercy we'd be just like alot of those at the fair that were in need. They are in need of the Holy Spirit to correct their language, their lying, their immodesty, their OBVIOUS immorality, their selfishness. NOT that we have arrive at perfect holiness, because we have not, and won't until we receive our heavenly bodies. I KNOW there is plenty that God still wants to clean up in us. One of our children commented on the amount of breast that was shown, I had to remind her that until the heart is changed you can't even address the clothing, and if it weren't for Christ we'd be just like that.

This is another reason why we choose to do the things we do. We need to be in the public eye, not hiding our light under a bushel. We met alot of new people, some had questions about homeschooling, and I hope we have dispelled some misunderstandings.

Today was booth take down and pick up of prizes.
Here is Olivia with her 34 ribbons and $229 in prize money!!!
She worked long and hard for this.

Here is Emma with her 16 ribbons and $106 in prize money!!!
She too put in a lot of hours on her projects.

Here is just one of Olivia's quilting entries. It is a flag wall hanging.
I just love it! You can't tell in the picture, but it was made with muslin,
so the white looks vintage.

Here is one of my entries.
It is a crocheted baby sweater...representing the Alabama Football team!
Roll Tide!

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Mary said...

I would give anything to have the kind of fellowship like the barn party!! We are new to our area and don't know our way around yet. Your girls are accomplished artists! congratulations on the prizes! I do so enjoy your blog!

mary in TN