Thursday, August 9, 2007

Sewing Party!

We are having a SEWING PARTY to make sun dresses and shorts for an orphanage in Liberia that a friend of ours is adopting from. Today I am trying to get the patterns cut out and make a few examples. I plan on having it set up as an assembly line so we should be able to get quite a bit done! Right now I have about 20 moms and daughters signed up to help...should be LOTS of fun! Not only will we be able to help the orphans as God commands us to, but we'll be brushing up on sewing skills with our daughters!

My friend Robin posted some pictures of the area that her new little one, JT, will be coming from on her blog. When you start feeling sorry for yourself and think of how you are struggling, look at those pictures and then you will realize just how RICH you are! And the reason our country is so RICH in everything is because of God leading and blessings our forefathers who were willing to be bold and obedient to the Lord, no matter what the cost. So many gave their blood and life for this country and now their descendants sit back and enjoy the rewards. They are ignorant of the Truth (spiritually and historically), and what is worse they don't want the knowledge, because then they too would have to be responsible. Most Americans are complacent and only pursue material gain and comfort at all cost.

I best stop now before I get on too big of a rant. May God shake this country from it's slumber and raise up Godly men and women to restore us to our foundation!


Dana said...

A sewing party sounds like so much fun! (I think I've told you before that our girls are adopted so we have a special place in our hearts for the process and the people who go through it.) If there's anything I can do to help from Indiana, let me know! I have a large stash of fabric that would love to become little dresses or skirts! Dana

Anonymous said...

Yes, me too! I would love to help! Is this an on going thing or just a one time thing? Please e-mail me at if there is anything I can do to help!