Friday, August 10, 2007

Orphanage Donations

I've had a few people ask me of how they can help with our sewing party. I'd like to have everything together by the end of this month to go to Liberia with my friend that is traveling there hopefully in September.

Ways you can help:

Pray for the children and that relationship with the government be cooperative.

Simple, lightweight, easy to care for sun dresses, shorts and T-shirts (for boys and girls)


(suggestions from the orphanage)
-Tylenol, liquid and tablets
-Infant and children's vitamins
-Pedialite packets (little individual serving pouches you add to water).
We need a LOT of these to help battle dehydration caused by malaria and diarrhea.
-Cloth diapers
-Crib sheets
-Twin sheets
-Bottle nipples stages 1 to 3
-2 or more collapsible infant seats
-Infant and children's clothes, size preemie to 8. Boy and girl items
needed. Sun dresses preferred for girls, shorts and T's for boys (plus
socks and underwear for both).
-All items needed for size 2 and under (in special need of socks now
due to the rainy season.)
-We do use pajamas as well and it would be nice to have more sets.
You can mail these to me by the end of the August.

Kathy Brodock
168 Lakeshore Cir
Highland Lake, Al 35121

Thank you!


Laane said...

Don't forget surgical gloves.

My friend took them with her and they were gratefully accepted.

Have a good weekend!

Rebecca said...

If I were to mail you some things in the next few days, would it arrive too late? PLease let me know, as I have things I would love to send along.

You can contact me via my blog, OR email me at sgrbear724 at yahoo dot com

Thank you.